The Best Places to Play Pickleball in Utah

Pickleball is a terrific sport to get into whether you’re looking for a hobby or an activity that can keep you in shape. The rapidly increasing popularity of pickleball in the United States also means you won’t be running out of playing partners anytime soon.

But where should you go if you want to play some pickleball? If you’re a Utah resident, you can drop by Club Pickleball USA’s locations in either Orem or Sandy. You can also continue with this article to learn more about the other top pickleball Utah locations.

There’s No Shortage of Pickleball Courts at Club Pickleball USA

Arguably the best places to play some pickleball in Utah are the Club Pickleball US locations in Orem or Sandy. Between the two locations, players will have 27 courts – 15 in Orem and 12 in Sandy – to choose from. Two more courts are also set to be added to their Sandy location so players will have even more room for pickleball. There are also four “dink” practice courts available.

The two locations do a great job of catering to avid players. There are pro shops present at both locations so you can purchase some new equipment before taking to the courts. You can also take part in some pickleball lessons or tournaments.

If you have an off day and want to spend it playing some pickleball with your friends, you can reserve a court at one of Club Pickleball USA’s locations for a fee. The exact fee will depend on when you intend to play.

Note that you don’t have to be a member to play at Club Pickleball USA. Membership still has its perks as you can get discounts on fees.

Get in Some Pickleball Matches at The Park Center in Murray Park

Murray Park is one of the most gorgeous locales anywhere in Utah and it is a favorite haunt for many hobbyists. You can also head there if you want to play some pickleball. To be more specific, you should drop by The Park Center in Murray Park if you’re eager to play some matches.

Visitors don’t have to pay anything if they want to play. The courts are provided and they come with nets included. Players will only need to supply the paddles and balls. Don’t worry if you don’t have paddles or balls because you can also get them from the front desk.

The Park Center in Murray Park is easily one of the most accessible pickleball courts in all of Utah. It’s a great place for both hobbyists and aspiring professionals.

Play Pickleball Year-Round at the Park City Municipal and Athletic Recreation Center

Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors. However, you may not be able to play outdoors if the conditions are bad. That can be an issue during the winter in Utah.

Thankfully, the Park City Municipal and Athletic Recreation Center has you covered year-round.

When the weather’s good, you can play on one of the four outdoor courts available at the aforementioned venue. The courts at Park City’s Municipal and Athletic Recreation Center are in terrific condition. Play as long as you want without worrying about the court causing any injuries.

You can still head to the Municipal and Athletic Recreation Center even during the wintertime. The venue puts together courts inside the covered tennis bubble and the gymnasium during the winter so pickleball players can continue having their games.

The Pleasant Grove Recreation Center Welcomes Pickleball Players of All Levels

Next up, let’s talk about what the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center is like for pickleball players. What makes this venue different from other play areas is how it caters to players of all skill levels.

Let’s say that you’re still new to pickleball and you are only starting to learn about the game. In that case, you can join one of the drop-in pickleball classes available at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center. Get a crash course on the game so you can better understand why people are falling in love with it.

More advanced players can also head to the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center to take part in tournaments. Tournaments are held throughout the year, but slots are limited. Make sure to register early if you want to take part in those contests.

Have Some Outdoor Pickleball Fun at the Riverton City Park

There’s nothing like an outdoor session of pickleball and they are even more enjoyable in a place like Utah which is teeming with natural beauty. Utah has plenty of outdoor locales that can serve as pickleball playgrounds. Among the best available is none other than Riverton City Park.

Riverton City Park gives players access to eight pickleball courts. You and your fellow players should be able to find an open court as long as you get there early.

The areas around the pickleball courts are nice and open. If you dislike the experience of playing pickleball inside a covered court or a gymnasium, then Riverton City Park should be right up your alley.

Up Your Pickleball Play at The Picklr

Pickleball is certainly a fine hobby to pick up, but after a few games, many players get the urge to do more. They want to see how good they can get at this sport and they fully commit to it. You can also take on pickleball as a larger commitment if you start playing at The Picklr.

Enthusiasts can satisfy their desire to play as much as they want by signing up for a membership at the aforementioned establishment. Depending on the membership tier you sign up for, you can get a discount on your court fees or gain unlimited access to The Picklr’s courts. Don’t worry because you can still rent a court and play even without a membership.

The Picklr accommodates players by giving them access to seven indoor courts. Tournaments and league events are also frequently hosted by this particular venue.

Turn The Shed into Your Regular Pickleball Playground

As fun as pickleball games are, they can also be tough on your body. You may find yourself tiring out quickly if you just started playing pickleball. That is even more likely to happen if you play outside during the day or stay inside a warm indoor court.

The Shed gives pickleball players a more enjoyable experience while they engage in the game they love. Players are given access to a temperature-controlled environment courtesy of this venue. Thanks to that, you will be able to play for longer stretches.

You’re also granted access to concrete courts at The Shed. Those concrete courts are nice and durable. Even today, they still look brand new because of how durable they are. There are paid membership offers at The Shed, but you can sign up for a free membership at first if you simply want to try out the courts.

Enjoy Some Relaxed Rounds of Pickleball at the Wheadon Farm Regional Park

Last but not least, we want to talk about the Wheadon Farm Regional Park as a potential pickleball playground. Compared to many of the other pickleball Utah locations, Wheadon Farm Regional Park stands out because of its general vibe.

The venue provides a more relaxed atmosphere. This is the kind of place where you can bring your kids and just have fun playing some pickleball. Note that the park does work on a first-come, first-served basis when it comes to its pickleball courts so you may have to wait a bit before you can play.

Play hours last long into the night at Wheadon Farm Regional Park. The lights will stay on for pickleball players until 11:00 p.m. so you should be able to get more than a few games in.

Is Pickleball Popular in Utah?

Pickleball has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the state of Utah. According to KSL NewsRadio 102.7 FM, the number of pickleball players has nearly doubled over the last five years. Utah, in particular, has seen a noticeable surge in pickleball players and that’s the reason why numerous courts have popped up recently.

How Many Pickleball Courts Are in Utah?

Utah is currently home to 179 pickleball courts. According to Pickleheads, that places Utah in the 25th spot in terms of the number of courts it houses.


Visit one of Club Pickleball USA’s locations in Utah if you want to have a truly enjoyable playing experience. Don’t worry if you don’t live near any Club Pickleball USA location because there are still great courts found all over the state.

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