The Five Best Onix Pickleball Paddles on the Market

Onix Pickleball, founded in 2005, is one of the top pickleball equipment manufacturers in business today. At the forefront of pickleball development, this new company boasts an impressive collection of professionals competing under Team Onix’s brand. Pros like men’s champions Steve Cole and Byron Freso and women’s champions KaSandra Gehrke and Lucy Kovalova use Onix paddles and balls.

As an athletic equipment company, Onix makes a wide range of equipment for the sport they support, including paddles, balls, accessories, and apparel. From recreational pickleball to the championship tier of the sport, Onix Pickleball’s equipment delivers for athletes of all levels. Here are the five best Onix Pickleball paddles on the market.

1. Onix Evoke Premier Paddle

Cited by fans for its good balance and large sweet spot, the Onix Evoke Premier is an appropriately high-quality offering for the top of Onix’s production line. A sturdy paddle with weight in the middle of the range, the Onix Evoke Premier is a bit heavy for singles play but handles doubles like a champ. The grip tape that Onix uses on the handle of this paddle can be below the impressive standards of the rest of the paddle. Because of this, it may behoove the player to re-grip the paddle as soon as possible.

This paddle was designed to the specifications of Team Onix professionals Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova. Power was the name of the game in the design and development of this paddle, and it has it in spades. Doubles players love the Evoke Premier for its responsive balance and powerful weight giving them control and choice between dinking and smashing play styles, letting them bring their A-game at all performance levels. With a professional-level paddle like the Onix Evoke Premier leading the way for the company’s competitive division, the future as well as the present looks bright for Onix.

Z5 Composite Pickleball Paddle

The top of Onix’s recreational range of paddles, the Z5 Composite Paddle is large and has a comfortably-sized sweet spot. The paddle is heavier than many in the recreational range, giving excellent power on smash hits. However, for a smaller player or someone new to the sport, it may not be the best option if they’re looking for a lighter paddle to learn the game with.

The Onix Z5 is cited for having plenty of pop, with the power to return serves from anywhere in the court. Weighing as much as some companies’ plywood paddles, it can take away a bit of finesse in exchange for power but if a player’s game predicates on power, that may be the right exchange in play to get the shots they need. Z5 is an excellent paddle for a player whose game is predicated on a strong baseline fight.

Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Voyager Pro is an outstanding paddle for the intermediate player. With a polypropylene core, wide sweet spot and tennis grip, this mediumweight paddle boasts excellent control and accurate shots. The Onix Voyager Pro grabs the ball for excellent spin, great maneuverability, excellent reach, and

Fans and critics alike gush effusively about the Voyager Pro. Of those who have a complaint about the paddle, the largest and most common complaint is that the handle is a bit short for players with large hands. This can result in irritation or blistering if not addressed, from the pommel rubbing against the side of the player’s hand. With major improvements from the first-generation Onix Voyager paddle, the Voyager Pro has improved spin and control features versus the original and a thicker core that gives it better bounce. A player currently playing on the original Onix Voyager or any other intermediate pickleball paddle would do well to check out the Voyager Pro.

React Graphite Pickleball Paddle

One of the best paddles available for singles play, the Onix React has a broad face and steady Nomex core, giving it a fine power stroke and good maneuverability on the court. Its short handle is shaped ideally for tennis players transitioning into pickleball as their primary sport. With the short handle, however, some players will have difficulty. As with its higher-tier sibling, the Evoke, the short handle can cause the pommel to rub against the side of the hand of a player with larger hands.

The React is noted for having good control for the dinking game, with shots easily falling into an opponent’s kitchen from both baseline and kitchen line. With the React paddle, players note that they feel they have more control from its incredibly light graphite face and hybrid core. The sweet spot is very easy to maneuver into position for shots, with players often able to extend rallies for much longer than they reported with older paddles. The React Graphite is an excellent intermediate paddle for either players transitioning to a higher level or new players looking for a step up.

Stryker 4 Composite Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Stryker 4 is one of the best lightweight beginner paddles out there. Well-balanced for control and maneuverability, this lightweight (7.2 ounce) paddle checks off all the boxes and is USAPA certified for tournament play.

The Stryker 4 has enough weight to generate some real power behind its swings while being light for all players. Coming in both composite and graphite, the Stryker 4 is one of the most versatile paddles on the market in 2022. The oversized head gives an appropriately large sweet spot to the paddle, allowing players more control, and its light weight means getting that head to the ball is a snap.

The core is a pure polypropylene honeycomb core, with increased rebound. A thicker core means that this paddle has among the best pop in its class. The tennis handle is sturdy and immediately familiar to players transitioning from other racquet sports. The paddle is a high-performance racquet with a lot of positive features.

For players seeking a large sweet spot with consistent power and touch, this is one of the best on the market.


With many more high-quality paddles on the market, as well as balls and accessories, Onix Pickleball is one of the best-positioned and longest-tenured companies in the pickleball market space. Players around the world of all skill levels prefer Onix for the same reason its roster of professionals do.

Whether one of these five, or any of the company’s other products, Onix paddles are here for any player looking to level up their game. Onix Pickleball paddles are world-class racquets for the fastest-growing sport in America, and any racquet produced by Onix will do well for its owner.

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