The Best CRBN Pickleball Paddles on The Market

Do you love to put a spin on a pickle ball? Then the CRBN (short for CARBON) pickleball paddle developed by a pickleball player for pickleball players is for you.

The new kid on the block that makes pickleball paddles, CRBN, is quickly gaining a legion of devout pickleball players. And for good reasons.

The CRBN pickleball paddle delivers uncompromising spin, power, and control for players desiring the ultimate weapon. In addition, the CRBN paddle face is made of raw T700 carbon fiber to create the top-performing paddle face and creates unrivaled ball spin.

A no-nonsense, high-performance paddle for players serious about winning pickleball tournaments. These are CRBN’s top four most popular, highest performing pickleball paddles.

CRBN makes two different paddles in various sizes and shapes, depending on the pickleball player’s preferences.

The Top Four CRBN Pickleball Paddles

A top-ranked pickleball player designed the CRBN pickleball paddle for players pursuing uncompromising performance. CRBN pickleball paddles are made with raw T700 carbon fiber for the paddle surface.

T700 carbon is considered the finest carbon fiber available and creates insane ball spin and control. In addition, the CRBN paddle was rated with the highest level of ball spin of all the performance pickleball paddles tested.

These are considered the top four CRBN pickleball paddles.

1. CRBN² Limited Edition Patriot (Square Paddle)

Considered a top-performing CRBN pickleball paddle for a good reason, this CRBN pickleball paddle creates a wicked ball spin and has a massive sweet spot. The CRBN² paddle has a square face constructed of textured, raw T700 carbon fiber, creating the ultimate surface for spinning the ball.

The carbon fiber paddle face works with a polypropylene honeycomb core, sizeable square face, and lengthened handle for superior performance. Notable features of the CRBN² paddles are:

  • Ideal weight in the 8.0-ounce range
  • Extended paddle handle length of 5.25 inches
  • Square paddle face with a larger sweet spot
  • Raw T700 textured carbon fiber paddle surface
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb paddle core
  • Available in either 13mm (power surface) or 16mm (softer feel) paddle honeycomb cores

2. CRBN¹ Limited Edition Patriot (Enlongated Paddle)


When a premium is placed on paddle performance in a tight game, the CRBN Enlogated Paddle shines. The T700 carbon fiber paddle face and a polypropylene honeycomb core deliver devasting power and ball spin.

The paddle’s power is distributed along a larger sweet spot that allows covering the court effortlessly in a competitive match. These are some of the CRBN¹ pickle paddle advanced paddle features:

  • Lightweight at 8.0 ounces
  • Extended paddle handed at 5.5 inches
  • Elongated paddle face for superior performance
  • T700 carbon fiber face with textured surface
  • Honeycomb core of polypropylene
  • Available on either the power surface (13mm) or the softer-feeling paddle face of 16mm

3. CRBN² (Square Paddle)

The CRBN² paddle leverages the texture of T700 carbon fiber for the ultimate grip and ball spin performance. A paddle designed for excellent power and control on return strokes, but also available in the 16mm core for softer control around the net. The shorter, but broad paddle face, provides a wider and larger sweet spot for pickleball volleys. The unique features of the CRBN² Square Paddle are:

  • Weight is an average of 8.0 ounces
  • Square paddle with a shorter and wider paddle face that has a forgiving sweet spot
  • Paddle face of textured T700 carbon with a honeycomb polypropylene core
  • Paddle handle grip at 5.25 inches
  • Made in either the power (13mm) or softer feel (16mm), paddle faces

4. CRBN¹ Limited Edition Patriot (Elongated Paddle)

The limited edition CRBN¹ Patriot paddle has an elongated T700 carbon fiber face and polypropylene honeycomb core for exceptional gripping and spinning of the ball. The elongated design and lightweight (8.0 ounces) provide greater court coverage to give the player an edge.

The correct position at the net makes it easier to return the opponent’s volley. In addition, an extended handle is perfect for hammering two-handed backhand drives. The Limited Edition Paddles also have an attractive color scheme and functional neoprene paddle cover.

The CRBN¹ Limited Edition Patriot’s specifications are:

  • Elongated paddle face
  • Extended 5.25 handle
  • Textured raw T700 carbon fiber paddle face
  • Honeycomb polypropylene core
  • Available in either soft (16mm) or power (13mm) thickness

Importance of Checking the CRBN Pickleball Paddle for Serial Number

Although CRBN makes advanced pickleball paddles for aggressive players, they are not without controversy. Abruptly, on April 29, 2022, the USAP (USA Pickleball Association) de-certified CRBN paddles for USAP tournament play due to the paddle surface being too rough (gritty) and a non-compliant paddle surface.

This ruling effectively eliminated any CRBN paddles from being allowed to be used in any sanctioned USAP Tournament play. As expected, this ruling was very controversial and caused immediate confusion for champion pickleball players set to play with their CRBN paddles in competition. Also, this decision almost bankrupts the CRBN company.

But the ruling did not stop the determined CRBN company from correcting the excessively gritty paddle surface issue, which they did.

CRBN Triumphantly Arises From Certain Disaster

With determination, CRBN redesigned the paddle’s face to come back into compliance. Fortunately, they could change paddle faces while the small family operation was teetering on going out of business, since the USAP de-certification effectively killed sales.

CRBN had their redesigned paddles tested by USAP, and they met the certification rules and became certified for tournament play. As a result, they are used by some of the best players in the world once again. But, it is essential to check your CRBN paddle for a laser-etched serial number on the bottom left of the paddle’s face near the throat.

If your paddle has the etched serial number on its face, it is USAP-ready. However, if your paddle does not have the serial number on its face, it is the older design and is not USPA certified.

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