Pickleball is one of the fast growing sports in the world.  It’s no surprise that the fast paced, easy to learn, and fun to play games is taking on the popularity that it has.

We love pickleball and we think it’s here to stay.  As such we decided to create this website to help both experienced and new players understand the sport, appreciate the sport, and be able to further educate more and more people about Pickleball.

Here you’ll learn everything there is to know about the game including strategy, the equipment to use, where to play, and anything else related to the sport.

We hope you enjoy!


Bobby Pritchett – Managing Editor

Bobby’s been around Pickleball since its inception. Having a background in Tennis for over 15 years, he made the transition over to Pickleball and hasn’t turned back since. While Bobby still plays Tennis regularly, he’s been pushing Pickleball ever since he picked up a Pickleball Paddle. He’s here to share all his knowledge about this ever growing sport.