10 Awesome Gifts for Pickleball Players

The act of gifting can be traced back to the beginning of human civilization. Gifting is how you cement relationships, and it’s a sign to the other party that you think of them. You can gift pickleball players during Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion worth celebrating.

Pickleball is a growing sport, and as it gains popularity, new players are flooding the market daily. Pickleball is a fan sport for people of any gender, young and old alike. As the sport gains approval, pickleball equipment is in high demand, and to gift, a pickleball player will make them feel appreciated.

Here is a compiled list of ten sentimental gifts for your family and friends who are pickleball players;

1. Improve Their Experience with a New Pickleball Paddle

There are more than a thousand brands of pickleball paddles on the market. You want to get the best brand that falls under your budget to avoid stretching your pocket when gifting. When shopping, here are the characteristics to pay attention to;

  • Thickness
  • Handle length
  • Weight
  • Core material
  • Surface material
  • Warranty
  • Cost

Paddles typically have a thickness of between 11-16 mm, and the thicker the paddle is, the more ball energy it will absorb. In addition, pickleball paddles are made of polycore plastic, wood, or Nomex. Confirm the number of rackets sets and whether balls or carrying bags accompany the paddles when making a purchase.

2. A Pickleball Virtual Guide for a Beginner

Pickleball video guides for new players still working to improve their skills would make an incredible gift. In addition, some pro pickleball coaches offer online lessons at a fee for players to enhance their skills. You can also opt to buy a pickleball video collection for the pickleball player.

You can go the extra mile and get the pickleball machine. The pickleball machine is an ideal gift for players who love to put in the effort and time and have difficulty finding a partner as focused as them. The more pricey the machine, the more advanced features it has.

Pickleball players would appreciate joining a pickleball camp or clinic. Paying for the camp and clinic will get the player one-on-one coaching and training with certified coaches. In addition, to gifting the player a learning experience, he gets to interact with people who love the game.

3. Cool Pickleball T-Shirt Goes a Long Way

If the player has worn-out or old pickleball sportswear, surprising him or her with a fresh set would blow her mind. The sports gear is available for male and female players, and the sizes are diverse.

Pickleball t-shirts or tank tops can be printed with words of your choice, or you can buy what is already available on the market. In addition, they are made of 100% cotton and are available in a wide range of colors.

Some t-shirts and tank tops have an encouraging message, while others have fun texts. For example, ‘I’m a pickleball grandpa’ or ‘Only the finest pickleball players were born in 1952.’

4. Stylish Accessories for the Court

You may decide to gift the pickleball player accessories for the court. Then worry not, as there is a lot to choose from in the market. Some accessories you would give him include;

Designer Eyewear

A pair of designer sunglasses make a great gift, especially if the player frequents outdoor courts. Sports sunglasses are affordable, flexible, lightweight, and durable. In addition, the sunglasses have features like flexible frames and UV protection and are polarized.

Gifting a pickleball player eye protection equipment is a caring gesture as you prevent their eyes from getting fatigued during long pickleball sessions.

Massage Gun For Muscle Tension Relief

A massage gun will help keep your favorite player on the pickleball court as it will help ease muscle tension, soreness, tightness, and discomfort. Most are made of silicone and are battery-powered. Massage guns have different speed levels to provide relief to other body muscles.

Vintage Baseball Cap To Keep The Sun at Bay

There are a couple of vintage baseball caps to choose from to make a pickleball player’s day. ‘Just Dink It,’ ‘Just One More Game,’ or ‘Dink Responsibly’ are some options you can choose. Baseball caps make a thoughtful gift to your pickleball player to offer eye protection when playing outdoors.

5. Improve His Grip with New Gloves

When gifting pickleball players some gloves, go for quality brands in the market. Some great brands are Cuzina Hexpro Pickleball gloves and Franklin Spots Pickleball gloves. The gloves come in sizes from small to extra-large XL and are made from breathable premium leather. In addition, the gloves are padded and have an adjustable wrist strap.

Gloves make a fantastic gift for pickleball players who sweat profusely. The gloves soak up the sweat and ensure the player maintains a firm grip.

6. A Stylish Bag to enhance Equipment Safety

Gifting your favorite pickleball player a stylish bag will make her trip to the pickleball court easier. Pickleball players must carry paddles, balls, water bottles, towels, and gloves. Having a bag makes the trip to the court smooth as the player fits the necessities in a bag. In addition, having a bag ensures he doesn’t forget anything needed at the pickleball courts.

The size of the bag matters, as a small bag won’t benefit pickleball players who carry a lot of equipment.

7. Retrieve Balls Easily with a Ball Retriever

Pickleball players get tired of picking the balls every other minute. By the end of the session, the player’s back and knee hurt from the constant bending to collect the balls. However, gifting a pickleball player a ball retriever will put a smile on his face.

There are several choices of ball retrievers available on Amazon. Some of the pickleball retrievers include ELKCIP silicone, APDTEK, and Lucky Clover pickleball retriever.

Here are some advantages of a pickleball ball retriever:

  • It fits all standard-sized rackets and is portable.
  • It helps prevent back, hip, and knee stress when bending to pick the balls.
  • It saves time used retrieving the balls by hand.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Made of quality and durable material.
  • It is a unique gift for pickleball players of all ages.

8. A PickleStar LED Light Up Pickleballs

Pickleball players can be on the courts any time, either day or night, depending on the facility’s rules. If your number one pickleball player loves having his session late in the evening, then you should consider getting them the LED light-up pickleball balls.

The LED light-up pickleball has a customized lithium battery that powers the balls and keeps them bright for over 12 hours. In addition, the battery is replaceable. The LED light-up balls meet the acceptable USAPA standards in size, weight, and ability to bounce.

The LED light-up pickleball balls are bright enough to be seen as far as 50 meters in the dark. The light is moderately bright and not enough to blind the players. Pickleball players can use the LED light-up pickleball at any time, both day and night.

9. Embroidered Towels are a Thoughtful Gift

You can get your favorite pickleball player a towel. Not just any basic towel but those with embroidered words like ‘Zero Zero Two Game On,’ ‘I don’t always play pickleball. Oh wait, I do,’ ‘Eat Sleep Pickleball Repeat’ or ‘Pickleball is my Game.’

The embroidered hand towels are cotton and have a clip at the top so the player can hang them on his bag. The hand towels are available in various colors depending on whether you are gifting a male or female pickleball player.

10. Cool Ball Holders

Pickleball ball holders make an excellent gift for men, women, teens, and senior pickleball players. The ball holders are made of mesh and have a waist strap as the bag lies on the hip. The ball holders can comfortably carry approximately 6-8 pickleball. In addition, the ball holders can be used as storage for smartphones, watches, and other accessories while playing pickleball.

Some of the features of a pickleball ball holder a player will appreciate:

  • Lightweight making its presence insignificant to the player.
  • It has an adjustable belt to ensure it fits perfectly around the waist.
  • It is multipurpose as players can use it to hold tennis, golf, and ping-pong balls.
  • It’s made of stretchy mesh material and can fit about eight pickleballs.

Are there Special Shoes For Pickleball?

A special shoe for a pickleball offers great comfort, ankle support, and a good grip. The shoes should also have rubber soles and thread patterns to enable lateral movements. When gifting a friend, surprise them with a designer pair from Under Armor, Nike, or Adidas of Fila, among others.

Are Snacks a Perfect Gift For Pickleball players?

Yes. Anything that enhances their nutrition, especially on game day, will be a gift to remember. However, don’t go for unhealthy treats even if they may like those. Instead, go for electrolyte replenishing treats such as greek yogurt, low-fat chocolate milk, and more.

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