The Best Places to Play Pickleball in Missouri

While states like Utah and Florida get most of the love for their pickleball scene, people shouldn’t sleep on The Show-Me State, Missouri. Missouri is home to some of the best pickleball facilities in the country and is one of the fastest-growing states in the sport. In the St. Louis area alone, there are over 30,000 pickleball players, and that number is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. If you want to join in on the growing pickleball community in Missouri, here are the best places to play our favorite sport.

Missouri Pickleball Club (747 Gravois Bluffs Blvd. – Fenton, MO 63026)

Not only is Missouri Pickleball Club the largest in the state, but it’s the largest in the entire country. At over 51,000 square feet, MPC boasts 18 total pickleball courts, including five that are established for championship play. This indoor facility may be overwhelming to new players simply due to the sheer size of the MPC. The ceilings are incredibly high, giving off that championship venue atmosphere.

Missouri Pickleball Club is the home to three major tournaments throughout the year. It starts with the APP St. Louis Open each March (including a $100,000 prize purse), and toward the end of the year features the Fall Shootout and Thanksgiving Classic. Membership doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either, with a monthly fee of just $20 to play all the pickleball you can handle. Guests can also join members to play all day for $10.

Westboro/Canterbury Pickleball Courts (1030 S. Withers Rd. – Liberty, MO 64068)

If you find yourself in Liberty and would prefer to play for free at an outdoor facility, the Westboro/Canterbury Courts fill that need. You may have to wait your turn to use this popular facility as there are four outdoor courts in total, but you’ll have plenty of time to use the courts. The facility is open from 6 am until 10 pm, meaning that you can play even after the sun goes down. The lights are on a two-hour timer, allowing players to get some primetime action in after work.

Eiserman Street Park (201 Compton Dr. – Branson, MO 65616)

One of the finer outdoor parks in the state, Eiserman Street Park in Missouri is a local favorite with the same hours as Westboro/Canterbury. However, you’ll have to get there early if you want to grab one of the pickleball courts as there are just three dedicated to the sport. Still, this is a top-notch place to get a few games in. If you need to fill some time until a court opens up, you can play a few holes at the park’s disc golf course.

Branson RecPlex (1501 Branson Hills Pkwy. – Branson, MO 65616)

Staying in Branson, we turn our attention to a state-of-the-art indoor facility within the city that brings the locals in droves. The Branson RecPlex is home to six dedicated pickleball courts and open to players of any skill level. If you’re trying pickleball out for the first time, it won’t cost a pretty penny as it’s $5 for a one-time session. If you find yourself loving pickleball, you can pick up a 10-visit pass for just $35 or even become a full member. Branson RecPlex also hosts pickleball tournaments if you want to try your luck against players of your skill level.

Carl Junction Community Center (303 N. Main St. – Carl Junction, MO 64834)

Located in the southwest part of the state, the Carl Junction Community Center is a top-notch facility that’s beloved by the community and has locals going crazy for pickleball. The price is one of the many reasons that people are coming to CJCC, with only a $3 drop-in fee for non-members. Those that live in Carl Junction only have to spend $40 for an entire year of pickleball, while non-residents are still only paying $80. Tournaments are also hosted at CJCC, so make sure to keep an eye out for openings if you want to test your skills.

Frontenac Racquet Club (10455 German Blvd – St. Louis, MO 63131)

Heading to the St. Louis area, the Frontenac Racquet Club is one of the state’s premier destinations for tennis and pickleball. There are 18 total courts at the Frontenac, and though most are dedicated to tennis, you’ll find plenty of pickleball courts to choose from. Memberships can be a bit pricier than the facilities that we’ve mentioned already, but it’s cheaper if you’re going for pickleball only. An eight-month membership for pickleball is just under $220 for an individual and $327 for a couple. If you’re new to the sport, Frontenac also offers pickleball classes from trained professionals.

Vetta Sports (Multiple Locations)

The biggest name in public athletic facilities in Missouri, there are nine Vetta Sports complexes throughout the St. Louis metro area. On top of their hockey and soccer facilities, Vetta also has racquet sports with pickleball being a big draw. Vetta takes pickleball very seriously, too, with events, tournaments, clinics, and even leagues being offered throughout the year. Your first pickleball class is free at Vetta if you’re looking to get into the game, and memberships are also available. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Vetta facilities, and with them being so widespread in St. Louis, you have plenty of options.

Webster Groves Parks and Recreation (33 E. Glendale Rd. – St. Louis, MO 63119)

Vetta offers the best indoor pickleball facilities in St. Louis, but if you’re looking to play outside on the concrete, look no further than Webster Groves Parks and Recreation. Here, there are eight total tennis courts, with four of those able to be converted into pickleball courts. Webster Groves offers everything that you could want as a Missouri pickleball player from beginner lessons to tournaments amongst the best in the city. It costs $3 for residents to play on the courts, with season passes costing $50. You may also want to call ahead as the pickleball courts can fill up quickly.

E.H. Young Riverfront Park (1001 Argosy Pkwy. – Riverside, MO 64150)

Just outside of Kansas City is E.H. Young Riverfront Park, where you’ll find more options to play outdoors with a total of eight dedicated pickleball courts. The courts are well-lit and the park is beautiful, earning some of the highest ratings for any park in the state. This park hosts plenty of round-robin tournaments and offers lessons, with open play taking place throughout almost the entire day as the park opens up at 5 am and doesn’t close down until midnight.

Rotary Park (600 NW Vesper St. – Blue Springs, MO 64014)

One of the few places in Missouri where it costs absolutely nothing to play some pickleball, Rotary Park in Blue Springs is open to the public and has three tennis courts that have pickleball lines. If you want to bring the family along while you play, Rotary Park offers a lot more than pickleball, with a basketball court, multiple playgrounds, and walking trails to keep everyone entertained for hours on end.

Rock Quarry Park (2002 Grindstone Pkwy. – Columbia, MO 65201)

Spread across 19 total acres in Columbia, Rock Quarry Park has two tennis courts available to the public, both of which have pickleball lines. The courts themselves are fairly new, too, and are free for the public to use. While there aren’t dedicated leagues and tournaments for pickleball, it’s a beautiful park where you can get some practice with a friend.

Kirkwood Community Center (111 S. Geyer Rd. – Kirkwood, MO 63122)

If you’re in Kirkwood and want to get some quick pickleball in without spending too much time or money, head to the Kirkwood Community Center where it costs just $2 to play on one of the three dedicated courts. KCC has open pickleball on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the day, and you can also call ahead to reserve a court if you’re looking for some more serious competition.

Sunset Hills Community Center (3915 S. Lindberg Blvd. – St. Louis, MO 63127)

Located on the southwest side of St. Louis, the Sunset Hills Community Center is a great spot for Missouri pickleball players that want to stay indoors, especially during the colder months. SHCC has three dedicated pickleball courts when not in use for basketball, which are open between noon and 3 pm Monday through Wednesday. The cost for open play is $5 per session and person.

Tower Grove Park (4257 Northeast Dr. – St. Louis, MO 63110)

Perhaps the finest outdoor park in all of Missouri, Tower Grove Park is host to eight pickleball courts and also features a clubhouse for members. Even though this is a top-notch facility, the price is very reasonable with an annual membership fee of $80. For those that don’t want to dedicate to a membership immediately, pickleball is free for the public to play between noon and 5 pm Monday through Friday and until 10 pm on the weekends. Classes are also held throughout the week for those of all skill levels.

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