The Best Places to Play Pickleball in Indiana

Pickleball is a game you can play anywhere that has a flat, hard surface. It’s also something that’s become quite popular in Indiana, with something for everyone from professional teams to amateur players looking to have some fun. And pickleball has become an international classic with players from around the world playing together this way. But if you’re here in the United States, you’ll notice it’s growing everywhere.  Today we want to focus on one state in particular: Indiana.

Here’s some information about pickleball, as well as places to play pickleball in Indiana.

How is pickleball different from tennis?

Discover the unique playing experience of pickleball, with its fast and furious playstyle. Serve underhand, and the ball has less bounce, making it more difficult for your opponent to catch. There’s no doubles alley (singles and doubles are played on the same-size court), so you can focus on your shots. Plus, there’s a 7-foot no-volley zone popularly called “the kitchen,” extending from the net.

Why is it called pickleball?

As with many games, the origins of pickleball are in the South, where it was referred to as pickleball. The sport was popular in that part of the country through the 20th century. Pickleball was founded in 1965 by Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum as a fun and challenging team or individual sport for all ages. With our easy-to-use equipment and perfect fit for all players, pickleball is the perfect way to spend a summer day, but there is confusion over how it got its name.

How much are pickleball paddles?

Paddle prices are highly dependent on the type of material used to make the paddle. Some paddles are made from wooden materials while others are made from composite materials. These materials can also be different in terms of the finish they have. The price for a wooden pickleball paddle will depend on its type, as well as its material. For example, a wooden pickleball paddle cost between $15 and $35, while a composite pickleball paddle will cost between $40 and $100, and graphite equipment costing up to $200.

Greenwood Community Center

The Greenwood Community Center Pickleball Club is an open and family-friendly pickleball league. Our Team Online is the perfect way to meet up with other team members and win valuable prizes. Pickleball is played with a variety of different balls, players, and sets. So whether you’re playing with friends or a family, you’ll find something for everyone on Wednesdays and Thursdays for about a $5 day pass. Whether you’re playing for fun or for prize money, the Greenwood Community Center Pickleball is the perfect way to spend some time with your friends.

Cyntheanne Park Indiana

Cyntheanne Park in Glendive, Indiana is perhaps the most popular pickleball field in the country. Located in the shadow of the Blue Mountain State Park, near the town of Glendive, Cyntheann Park has grown into a destination for pickleball fans from around the world. It’s hard to find a better facility in Indiana that would make you want to join a pickleball league more that Cyntheanne Park. Cyntheanne Park is a perfect place to find picklers. The 22-acre site is hidden behind a large public park, making it hard to miss. With 8 courts and a Pickleball Challenge Area, the park is the perfect fit for young and old alike.

Finch Creek Fieldhouse Indiana

Finch Creek Fieldhouse pickleball is located in the Fort Wayne area of Noblesville, Indiana. It is not only an ideal location for a community pickleball game but also a great place to relax and unwind. The fieldhouse has 4 lighted pickleball courts and includes a snack kitchen and bathroom. It is a great addition to any pickleball or picklefication community in the area.

Monon Community Center Indiana

The famous Monon Community Center in southeast Indianapolis, offers jam-packed indoor pickleball programs perfect for anyone who wants to participate. This gym facility is small but perfectly configured for pickleball families, and has everything you need to make kick-starting your pickleball journey a reality. Whether you’re new to the game or a competitive player, this program is for you.

Garfield Park Pickleball in Indiana

If you are looking for a great pickleball court to spend some time in your hometown, then look no further than Garfield Park/Burrello Ctr pickleball in Indiana. This gorgeous facility has been recently renovated with over $90,000 worth of upgrades from more than 50 local donors. It is home six state-of-the-art, lighted outdoor courts that are well-maintained, and almost always busy.

Highland Golf and Country Club

Take in the beauty of this historic golf course from the comfort of your home with Highland Golf and Country Club’s private rental courses. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, these courses offer challenging layouts and stunning views. This magnificently restored course is a must-play for anyone who can figure out a way to get on. Originally opened in 1919, this Bill Biddle design (with original routing by Willie Park Jr.) has seen its share of legends pass through, including Babe Zaharias, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, who reportedly patched up their differences after a round. With distances from 9 to 18 holes, each course offers something different for everyone. Try out our beginner’s courses or our expert-level courses, both of which are open to members only. Highland Golf and Country Club offers a range of tennis equipment for all skill levels, including: clay courts, pickleball courts, hardcourt, and platform tennis courts. Their renovated Tennis house offers a range of Racquet Sports Equipment to fit any player’s needs.

Is pickleball ok for seniors?

Pickleball is great for seniors who want to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. It’s also a good way to meet new people and meet older people who are similar in age to you. The main reason that pickleball is popular among seniors is because it provides an opportunity for them to get exercise and socialization. Pickleball is a great way to stay active and build strength. It’s also a great way to build coordination and balance. It’s a great game for seniors because it’s a low-impact sport that requires little to no equipment. Pickleball is also a great way to stay fit while you’re recovering from surgery or illness. If you’re interested in playing, check out your local club or contact your local recreation department in Indiana.


There are many reasons to love pickleball in Indiana. The first being that the sport is extremely popular, with about 30 teams throughout the state. The pickleball calendar is filled with events, and there are many recreational leagues in the state, so there’s always something to do. The pickleball court is often very uneven, so you’ll need to wear gloves when playing on uneven court. And don’t forget to bring your own bat and ball. Pickleball has become very popular in the last 40 years, so you’ll see it at every sporting event you attend. If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive diversion from your routine, pickleball is a great choice. And if you’re a fan of history, you’ll love the history behind the sport. You’ll also find that there are plenty of pickleball teams across the globe, so you can find one that is right for you.

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