Five Selkirk Pickleball Paddles You Can’t Go Wrong With

When competing in pickleball, I want every edge I can get, including the best equipment. Therefore, the best gear is essential when selecting the best-performing pickleball paddles. Some of the best pickleball paddles available are made by Selkirk, and these Selkirk (SLK) pickleball paddles can put you at the top of your game.

Whether a professional or recreational pickleball player, these five Selkirk paddles will make your game more enjoyable and competitive.

1. SLK Amped Pickleball Paddle

The Amped Pickleball paddle is one of the best competition pickleball paddles for professional players. The SLK Amped pickleball paddle is designed to maximize the professional players’ game. This paddle features:

  • Polypropylene X5 honeycomb core for more precise ball cushioning and control.
  • The unique X5 honeycomb design reduces paddle vibrations, resulting in more positive paddle feedback.
  • Large FiberFlex Fiberglass paddle surface with a long, balanced handle.
  • Designed for professional pickleball players like Tyson Mcguffin

2. SLK EVO Hybrid Paddle

With a forgiving large, soft surface, the Selkirk EVO Hybrid paddle is perfect for beginners to advanced players. The EVO paddle features:

  • C6-Flex Power Fiberglass Face provides power and control of the hit.
  • Rev-Core Power Polymer Core for exceptional balance, power, and control.
  • Lightweight and designed for all players.
  • Ultra-Comfort grip with a large, 4.25-inch handle with excellent balance.

3. SLK Sport Latitude Paddle

The SLK Sport Latitude Paddle is lightweight and the perfect paddle for beginners, weighing only 6.9 ounces. The Sport Latitude paddle has a great feel and control for all aspiring pickleball players. Among the features of Sport Latitude are:

  • The G4 graphite paddle face delivers excellent control and feel.
  • Polymer Rev-Core creates excellent control and feel.
  • A heavily cushioned, easy-to-grip, 4.25-inch handle.
  • Low-profile design to help alleviate fatigue.

4. SLK Atlas Pickleball Paddle

A wide-body pickleball paddle, the SLK Atlas paddle, is designed for superior performance and feel for beginner to intermediate pickleball players. The Atlas paddle features:

  • A large Polymer Rev-Core+ paddle surface absorbs hits with excellent control and feel.
  • G5 Graphite paddle face with a large, forgiving sweet spot.
  • Lightweight paddle with a large, 4.25-inch Ultra Cushion Grip.
  • USAPA approved at all pickleball tournaments.

5. SLK Neo Pickleball Paddle


An excellent paddle for both beginners and professionals, the Selkirk Neo pickleball paddle is made for performance with cutting-edge pickleball technology. Among the advanced SLK Neo’s paddle features are:

  • A multi-layered paddle face that combines graphite with fiberglass for superior performance.
  • Utilizes exclusive SX3 Honeycomb Core for excellent ball control and feel.
  • Lightweight design helps to alleviate player fatigue during extended matches.
  • An affordable price makes it perfect for beginning pickleball players.

Why Makes Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Such a Great Choice for All Players?

A relatively new pickleball paddle manufacturer, Selkirk is quickly becoming a dominant brand in the industry. Selkirk began in 2013 as a family-owned business whose mission is to make the best, high-quality pickleball paddles available.

The Selkirk brand refuses to accept anything less than excellence in its paddles. The premium Selkirk paddles only use the very best materials in their exacting construction process to produce paddles made for recreational and professional players alike. The professional pickleball players using Selkirk paddles are Tylor McGuffin, Steve Deakin, and Lindsey Newman.

If Selkirk pickleball paddles are the choice of high-level professional players, I am confident they will work for me too!

What Makes the Selkirk Pickleball Paddle One You Can’t Go Wrong With?

With advanced construction technology, the Selkirk paddle delivers control, feel, and performance for recreational and professional players. There are two ranges of premium paddles: Vanguard, superseding PRIME paddles and AMPED.

We suggest beginning with the Amped model as it is more affordable and delivers excellent performance. Once you become a more experienced pickleball player, consider moving up to the Vanguard paddle with its higher performance design intended for more experienced players.

And the ultimate Selkirk paddle is the Vanguard Power Air paddle, which is more suitable for aggressive power players. This Selkirk paddle is on the cusp of cutting-edge technology for pickleball paddles and produces great spin and power.

You can’t go wrong with any series and have a paddle you can trust for playing your best pickleball game.

Selkirk Power Air Series of Paddles

Advanced technology focusing on power and spin, the Power Air series of paddles are used by over 200 sponsored and ranked players. There are many reasons for the Selkirk Power Air being the ultimate power and spin paddle, including:

  • Selkirk Labs developed Unique Air Dynamic Throat to allow air to flow through a paddle for optimum power and ball control.
  • ThroatFlex technology combines with Air Dynamic Throat to provide excellent ball dwell time on the paddle’s face.
  • QuadFlex 4 Layer Hybrid Face maximizing paddle surface control by combining two layers of FiberFlex and two layers of Quantum+ carbon
  • ProSpin+ NextGen Micro Texture technology to deliver more ball spin than any competing technology
  • FlexFoam Perimeter, a Selkirk innovation of injecting foam around the perimeter of the paddle to create a larger sweet spot, durability, and shot absorption for a superior paddle feel

Selkirk Vanguard Series of Paddles

The Vanguard series of paddles are designed for superior ball spin with its Pro-Spin textured surface for optimal pickleball performance. In addition, the construction technique for the Vanguard series creates a more forgiving sweet spot than other paddles. Selkirk Vanguard paddles incorporate many technological features, including:

  • Pro-Spin Textured Surface for superior ball spin
  • Quantum-CarbonFiber face with a more significant sweet spot with maximum spin and feel
  • Gen2 Durable surface design provides excellent paddle surface wear-resistance
  • EdgeSentry™ paddle edge guard technology
  • X5™ Honeycomb Thick Poly Core world in tandem with the Quantum-CarbonFiber paddle face to absorb vibrations for a softer feel

Selkirk AMPED Series of Paddles

The Selkirk AMPED series is designed for intermediate and advanced players with the necessary power and control required for accomplished players. Amped paddles are constructed with various cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • FiberFlex™ Fiberglass Technology for the paddle surface
  • X5 Honeycomb Thick Polymer Core creates a larger sweet spot.
  • Vibration Dampening to lessen paddle vibrational waves and aid in minimizing tennis elbow
  • Torque Suppression Technology provides excellent paddle stabilization with less spraying of the ball.
  • Optimized cushioning of the ball for unmatched ball spin or counter-spin for return volleys

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