The 10 Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles Money Can Buy

To improve your level of pickleball play, you need to invest in the right paddles. A good elongated paddle is a great purchase for pickleball players who want to get into serious competition because of the added power and reach it provides.

So, what are the best elongated pickleball paddles currently available? The Gamma Needle is a terrific choice because it offers the advantages of an elongated paddle while also minimizing its drawbacks. You can learn more about the Gamma Needle and some of the other top options available by continuing with the rest of this article.

1. The Gamma Needle Is the Rare Elongated Paddle That Suits Almost All Players

When you first get into paddleball, you will probably be given a wide paddle or something with a classic shape. New players are given those paddles so they can get used to hitting the ball with the sweet spot. More experienced players shift to elongated paddles because they want more power and they don’t need the generous sweet spot as much.

The Gamma Needle is different because it kind of gives you the best of both worlds. Its sweet spot is still considerably smaller compared to a classically designed or wide paddle, but its placement is more familiar. It won’t take you long to get used to the sweet spot if you transition to elongated paddles using the Gamma Needle. The manufacturers deem it to be “perfect for players looking for balance and control in their play”.

With its textured graphite hitting surface, the Gamma Needle provides ample power for each swing. The Poly Core construction also adds a nice touch of control to the equation.

2. Staying in Control Is Easier with the Selkirk Amped Omni Pickleball Paddle

Accurate ball placement is one of the keys to consistent success in pickleball. You need to develop your skill and get a good paddle if you wish to win consistently.

What makes the Selkirk Amped Omni different from other elongated pickleball paddles is its control-focused features. The FiberFlex technology used to create this paddle’s hitting surface excels at generating spin. You can take full advantage of that feature as you aim your shots.

The comfortable grip is also quite helpful because it helps you maintain full control of the paddle throughout a game. Staying in control is easier if your fingers aren’t tightening up around the paddle’s handle.

3. The OneShot Powershot 2.0 Pickleball Paddle Provides Power in an Unconventional Way

Power is the main selling point of the Powershot 2.0 Pickleball Paddle from OneShot, but the way it goes about providing that is pretty interesting. While constructing this paddle, the manufacturers made a point out of including a lightweight core.

The introduction of the lightweight core makes a big difference because it widens the sweet spot for the paddle. It almost functions like a widebody paddle thanks to that lightweight core. Players can connect with their power strokes more consistently using this paddle.

You can tell that the manufacturers placed great emphasis on the Powershot 2.0’s signature core construction because the Edge Guard is meant to preserve it. The core will not wear down easily as long as that protective feature is in place.

4. Generate Greater Spin Using the Onix Summit Outbreak Pickleball Paddle

Adding spin to your shots can keep your opponent off-balance. Training is the best way to learn spin shots, but using the right paddle will help immensely as well. That’s why you should take an interest in the Onix Summit Outbreak Pickleball Paddle.

To set this pickleball paddle apart from other widely available options, the manufacturers decided to include a table tennis handle. This handle is more compact and easier to control. You’ll have an easier time generating spin because the handle provides complete control over the paddle.

The TeXtreme spread tow carbon fiber fabric is also helpful because it allows you to put more touch on your strokes. Be more precise with your spin shots by taking this pickleball paddle to the court.

5. Power and Precision Combine in the Gearbox CP7 Pickleball Paddle

Carbon fiber and fiberglass are the two materials most commonly used to make pickleball paddle hitting surfaces. People like carbon fiber for its exceptional feel while fiberglass packs plenty of wallop. You’re getting both of those materials in the hitting surface of the CP7 Pickleball Paddle from Gearbox.

The manufacturers strike a delicate balance by including both of those materials. You’ll notice the difference that combination makes as soon as you step on the court. Adding a honeycomb core to this pickleball paddle accentuates the strength of its carbon fiber and fiberglass composition.

6. Masterful Control Is Provided by Baddle Pickleball’s Ballista Elongated Paddle

You cannot overstate the importance of control in pickleball matches. If you can accurately control where the ball goes with each stroke, you can take over matches consistently.

Players in search of that kind of control will be well-served to check out the Ballista Elongated paddle from Baddle Pickleball. It starts with the SpinGrit coating added to this pickleball paddle. The rougher coating gives you more control over your shots and it also increases spin considerably. It even helps improve the paddle’s durability.

Aside from the SpinGrit coating, you may also appreciate this paddle’s anti-slip grip. The anti-slip grip ensures that you will maintain control of your paddle at all times. It’s easier to stay comfortable while playing thanks to that added feature.

7. Outstanding Power Defines the Paddletek Bantam EX-Pro Pickleball Paddle

If you’re on the hunt for a pickleball paddle that offers premium power, then you will like the Bantam EX-Pro from Paddletek. You will have a hard time finding elongated pickleball paddles that can exceed its power.

The secret to this paddle’s top-of-the-line power is its core. It comes equipped with a Bantam SRT core. The smart response technology used in its core generates extra oomph for each shot.

Bolstering the SRT core further is the paddle’s high-grade polymer composite honeycomb core material. We already mentioned earlier that the honeycomb structure accentuates power and it does the same thing here.

You’ll also notice that this Paddletek creation is a tad smaller than other elongated paddles. That smaller size comes in handy for producing a bit more power.

8. Protect Yourself from Tennis Elbow by Using Engage Pickleball’s Poach Infinity LX Blade

Tennis elbow is a painful condition that can affect the soft tissues around that joint. People dealing with this issue may have a tough time holding or grabbing objects. You can effectively reduce your odds of developing tennis elbow by using the Poach Infinity LX Blade from Engage Pickleball.

The special skin used to cover this paddle is designed to dampen vibrations. It will minimize the vibrations that you feel in your hands. Similarly helpful in the fight against tennis elbow is the soft polymer core that further cushions the impact of each strike. That core helps create “the softest hitting paddle”.

Engage Pickleball’s creation is also slightly longer than the typical elongated paddle. That added bit of reach could prove very helpful in some tight spots.

9. Maintain Consistency in Your Game with the Prolite Rebel Pro XLT LX Pickleball Paddle

Once you’ve developed a good pickleball stroke, your goal should be to repeat it as much as possible. However, repetition does not depend on proper technique alone. You also need the right paddle for the job.

That’s where the Prolite Rebel Pro XLT LX pickleball paddle comes in. This paddle features a hitting surface made out of three layers of interwoven carbon fiber. It’s a tight surface that greatly enhances feel. It will also improve the consistency of your strokes significantly.

The specific construction of this pickleball paddle does more than improve your stroke consistency. With those three layers of carbon fiber protecting the core, you can also count on this paddle being very durable.

10. HUDEF’s HD4.3 Pickleball Paddle Is an All-Around Performer

To complete our list of the best elongated pickleball paddles, we have none other than the HD4.3 Pickleball Paddle from HUDEF. Compared to the other pickleball paddles we’ve already discussed, this HUDEF offering does not have any real standout qualities. But that doesn’t mean it’s unremarkable either.

What you’re getting here is a solid all-around performer. It offers good pop with its polypropylene core and the surfaced texture provides better spin and feel. The carefully designed edge also keeps this pickleball paddle in good condition.

If you’re still trying to work out what your strengths are as a pickleball player, this paddle could be very helpful to you.

Are Elongated Pickleball Paddles Better?

Elongated pickleball paddles are superior to more conventional paddles in terms of power and reach. If you’re a player that needs better control, you will benefit more from using other paddles.

What Is the Sweet Spot on a Pickleball Paddle?

The sweet spot on a pickleball paddle is the portion of the paddle that helps you hit the ball squarely. You also want to hit the ball with the sweet spot so you get maximum power and control.

Most of the time, the sweet spot is located in the center of the paddle. The sweet spot also tends to be smaller on elongated pickleball paddles.


Upping your pickleball game is easier if you have the Gamma Needle, but any of the items we highlighted here will be helpful with that goal. Try out the aforementioned options until you find the one that suits you best.

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