Pickleball Skirts: What Should You Look For?

There’s no official dress code for pickleball, but there are some styles that are common on the court. For women, pickleball skirts are very popular. However, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a skirt, just as there is when shopping for a paddle.

Many of the things you should look for will depend on your personal preference. These factors include length, style, and material of the skirt. No matter your preference, you’ll need a skirt that provides comfort and functionality.

Looking for the perfect skirt for pickleball? This is your guide to choosing a pickleball skirt, and what you should look for when making your choice.

Pickleball Apparel Basics

Pickleball is similar to tennis, and this includes the clothing involved. However, the sport is more casual than its trendy cousin. You can wear anything you want on the court, at least for recreational play.

However, if you want to look your best while playing, you should put some thought into your attire. Men typically wear shorts and shirts.

Women can wear shorts, sweat pants, or a pickleball skirt. Pickleball dresses are also popular.

Pickleball is seen as a fun sport. When it comes to fashion, it means you can stray very far from tennis whites. Bold patterns and colors are very trendy. At the end of the day, your pickleball attire comes down to what makes you feel and play your best.

Pickleball Skirts vs Skorts vs Dresses

Before we get into what to look for in a pickleball skirt, you should consider whether you want a skirt, skort, or a dress.

A skort looks similar to a skirt, at least from the front. It’s essentially shorts, with a piece of material on top. This can make it look like a skirt from the front, and shorts from the back.

If the material goes all the way around, it will look like a skirt from the front and back.

Most pickleball skirts are actually skorts. The shorts are typically understated and form fitting. This provides modesty, while still giving you the look and feel of a skirt.

Skirts have their advantages as well. They allow freedom of movement, while skorts can hinder it slightly. Another advantage is the ability to add shorts or leggings underneath the skirt. When you choose a skort, you don’t have the option to change the shorts underneath.

However, you can choose pickleball skirts with built-in leggings as well. These are technically skorts.

Pickleball dresses are the last option to consider. They are comfortable, and allow for easy movement. Some women prefer a dress, because it eliminates the waistband. This can be beneficial when reaching for a shot.

Pickleball dresses don’t typically include built-in shorts. However, you can wear athletic shorts or leggings underneath the dress for modesty.

What to Look for in a Pickleball Skirt

When shopping for a pickleball skirt, there’s a lot to consider. Everything from the cut of the skirt to the color is important.

Factors you should consider include:

  • Types a-line, straight, pleated
  • Length
  • Waistband
  • Material
  • Pockets
  • Style (color, etc)

Pickleball Skirt Types

There are a few different types of pickleball skirts. A straight skirt is the simplest. It’s a standard skirt. The material of the skirt is straight.

An a-line skirt is looser than a straight skirt. It has a flowing appearance. This makes it a popular choice for pickleball, because it allows you to move freely. It’s also very flattering for nearly all body types, including pear shapes.

A pleated skirt has pleats, as the name suggests. It’s the traditional tennis skirt, and it’s also very popular in pickleball.

Looser skirts, like an a-line or pleated skirts, can make you feel a little more free, which may give you a slight edge when playing.

Skirt Length

Length is also important to think about. There’s no required skirt length, and it won’t affect how you play. It comes down to what you are most comfortable with.

Some women prefer short skirts, while others opt for longer designs. This can also vary based on whether you are going to wear shorts underneath the skirt. If you choose to wear a pickleball skirt with shorts, you can wear a shorter skirt without modesty concerns.


There are two basic types of waistbands used for pickleball skirts. The first and most common is the elastic waistband. These are stretchy waistbands that provide comfort. These are designed to fit several sizes in one skirt.

Some skirts have a braided elastic waistband, which helps the skirt stay in place. If you are concerned about your skirt staying put, look for a braided elastic waistband.

The other type is a drawstring waistband. A drawstring waistband can be adjusted to fit your body by tightening or loosening the string. Like an elastic waistband, if they are made well, they can stay in place very well.

In addition to the waistband material, you should think about the placement of the waistband. You may prefer a high waistband or a low waistband.

A high waistband will typically offer tummy control, making it a great choice for full figured women. If you have a slim waist, a low waistband will be more flattering.


Next, you should consider the material the skirt is made of. Traditional pickleball skirts and tennis skirts were made from cotton. Cotton is a soft fabric that is used to make everything from t shirts to blue jeans.

Cotton is still king of the fabric world, but it’s no longer the most popular choice for pickleball skirts.

Instead, polyester blends are commonly used. These high performance blends offer important features, including moisture wicking. A polyester and spandex blend gives you plenty of stretch for freedom of movement, while keeping you dry.

Nearly every athletic wear brand has their own patented blend. For example, Nike has Dri-fit, which is its polyester blend. Adidas has Climalite and Climacool.

You’ll want a skirt fabric that wicks away sweat from the body to prevent chafing. Quick dry material is also beneficial, because it allows the sweat or water to evaporate quickly, which helps keep you dry. Lastly, the material should be breathable. This is essential for comfort.

Look for words like quick dry, moisture wicking, and breathable when choosing a skirt fabric. If you want the material to stretch, choose a fabric that includes spandex as well.


Pockets can be a great feature of pickleball skirts. You can carry items like balls, your phone, and your keys in the pockets, which is very convenient.

Pockets are typically available for skorts. Pockets on a skirt don’t work well, because the pockets are not secured to your body.


The last thing you should look for in pickleball skirts is style. If you don’t like the way the skirt looks, you won’t want to wear it. Fashion is important on and off the court.

It’s best not to worry about the hottest runway trends. Instead, focus on what you like. Find a skirt that fits your personality and looks good on you.

Some people love outlandish pickleball skirts with crazy patterns and bright colors. Others prefer an understated classic look. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s just a matter of preference.

Pickleball Skirts vs Golf Skirts vs Tennis Skirts

If you are having a hard time finding a pickleball skirt that you like, there are a few other skirts that are very similar.

Tennis skirts and pickleball skirts are often closely related. The movements that occur in the game are very similar, so when it comes to function, a tennis skirt will work well for pickleball, and vice versa.

Tennis skirts can be a bit more formal, and they are unlikely to come in bright colors or patterns which are popular in pickleball.

Golf skirts are another option. They are a bit different from pickleball skirts, because the movements of the sports are very different. Most golf skirts don’t have shorts underneath. This is because the movements in golf don’t cause the same modesty concerns. It’s also because golf skirts are typically longer than tennis and pickleball skirts.

What to Look for in Pickleball Skirts FAQs

What do you wear to play pickleball when it’s cold outside?

If the temperatures are chilly on the court, a skirt alone isn’t the best choice. You will be moving while playing, which helps keep your body warm, bare legs will still get uncomfortably cold quickly. Opt for a pickleball skirt with leggings.

Is clothing important in pickleball?

Yes, the clothing you choose to wear when playing is important. The right clothing will allow you to move freely and be light weight. It should be comfortable as well. Be sure that you feel confident in your outfit, because this can also affect your game.

What shoes should I wear in pickleball?

You should wear court shoes to play pickleball. You can choose tennis shoes, pickleball shoes, or court shoes. These shoes are very similar, and offer support for lateral movement. Running shoes, on the other hand, are designed for forward and backward movement. They don’t have enough support for lateral movement.

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